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Jane Appelman

( Adam - Henry)

Jane APPELMAN was born 24 Jan 1802, and baptised 21 Feb 1802 at St. Mary's, Marylebone.

She was a year and five months old when her father Adam died.

Marriage & Child

She married Thomas Haynes 5 Nov 1825 at St. James' Piccadilly London; both of the parish, by banns, witnessed by John Thomas Hartley and Samuel Cramer (church employee).
Jane Appelman and Thomas Haynes marriage, 1825

Child of Thomas Haynes and Jane:

  1. Thomas HAYNES, born 3 Jul 1827, baptised 24 Jul 1827 - St James, Piccadilly, London.

Thomas acted as a witness at the marriage of Jane's brother, Joseph Appelman, in December 1825.

At the time of their son's birth, Jane & Thomas, a Dyer, were living at 30 Great Windmill Street.
30 Great Windmill Street

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