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'Henry' Appelman

Henry APPELMAN was possibly born in Germany. He is mentioned as the father of Adam in Adam's will of 1804, having money owed to him [Adam] from the sale of “Henry's” land in Oberingelheim in the Rhineland Palantinate (at the time, in the French Republic).
Ober-Ingelheim, c.1744 Ober-Ingelheim, c.1744 - Note Appelheim

Ober-Ingelheim, c.1754 Ober-Ingelheim in the wider area, c.1754 - [Appelheim now Appenheim]

He may have been the Henry Appleman buried 10 Sep 1786, St Anne, Soho, Middlesex. Burial of Henry Appleman, 1786

Marriage & Children

Child of Henry Appelman:

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