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James WINDYBANK was born c1765, and is likely that he was the James Windebank baptised 27 Dec 1765, in Hawkley Hampshire, the son of John and Ann nee Ewen (further details).

He was buried, aged 58, 20 Apr 1823 in Clanfield, Hampshire.

He married Olive WEBB 14 Dec 1789 in East Meon, Hampshire.

Children of James and Olive:
  1. James WINDYBANK, baptised 2.May.1790 - Clanfield, Hampshire.
  2. Mary WINDYBANK, baptised 1.Apr.1792 - Clanfield, Hampshire.
  3. Elizabeth (1) WINDYBANK, baptised 5.Oct.1794 - Clanfield, Hampshire.
  4. John WINDYBANK, baptised 5.Oct.1794, and died 1.Mar.1795 - Clanfield, Hampshire.
  5. William WINDYBANK, baptised 21.May.1797 - Clanfield, Hampshire.
  6. Thomas WINDYBANK, baptised 7.Apr.1799 - Clanfield, Hampshire.
  7. Lucy WINDYBANK, baptised 13.Dec.1801 - Clanfield, Hampshire.
  8. Joseph WINDYBANK, baptised 19.Jun.1803 - Clanfield, Hampshire.
  9. Charlotte WINDYBANK, baptised 27.Mar.1805 - Clanfield, Hampshire.
  10. Elizabeth (2) WINDYBANK, baptised 6.Sep.1807 - Clanfield, Hampshire.

Joseph WINDYBANK (James)

Joseph WINDYBANK was baptised 19 Jun 1803.

He married  Maria PULLEN  3.Dec.1826 in Ashtead, Surrey.

Children of Joseph and Maria:
  1. William WINDAYBANK, baptised 8.Apr.1827 - Epsom Surrey.
  2. Joseph WINDAYBANK, baptised 8.Feb.1829 - Epsom Surrey.
  3. Maria WINDAYBANK, baptised 20.Mar.1831 - Epsom Surrey.
  4. Emma WINDAYBANK, baptised 16.Jul.1833 - Epsom Surrey.
  5. Louisa WINDAYBANK, baptised 16.Jul.1833 - Epsom Surrey.
  6. Susannah WINDAYBANK, baptised 2.Aug.1835 - Epsom Surrey.
  7. Thomas WINDAYBANK, baptised 26.Mar.1837 - Epsom Surrey.
  8. Eliza WINDAYBANK, baptised 29.Jul.1838 - Epsom Surrey.
  9. Mary Anne WINDAYBANK, baptised 3.May.1840 - Epsom Surrey.
  10. George WINDAYBANK, baptised 24.Jul.1842 - Epsom Surrey.
  11. John WINDAYBANK, born 19.Dec.1844 - Epsom Surrey.
  12. Henry WINDAYBANK, born 6.Nov.1846 - Epsom Surrey. Died 1847.
  13. Arthur WINDAYBANK born 3.Apr.1848 - Epsom Surrey.

William WINDAYBANKK (Joseph - James)

William WINDAYBANK was baptised 8 Apr 1827 in Epsom, Surrey.

He married Ann Maria Clarke SHERWOOD in 1854, Bedford.

Emma WINDAYBANK (Joseph - James)

Emma WINDAYBANK was baptised 16 Jun 1833 in Epsom, Surrey

She married David WELCH 14 May 1865, St. Mary at Lambeth, London.

Louisa WINDAYBANK (Joseph - James)

Louisa WINDAYBANK was baptised 16 Jun 1833 in Epsom, Surrey.

She married William BELLCHAMBER 29 Nov 1869, St. Peter's, Vauxhall London.

Susannah WINDAYBANK (Joseph - James)

Susannah WINDAYBANK was baptised 2 Aug 1835 in Epsom, Surrey.

1861 census: Little Stanmore, Middlesex
House Maid
Head - David Begg, C.M. of University of Glasgow

1871 census: St. Marylebone, London
Lodging House Keeper

She married John GORDON 22 Nov 1863, Marylebone. John died in 1871 aged 50.

Child of Susannah and John:
  1. John Henry GORDON, born 12 Jan 1868, bapt. 27 May 1868 - Marylebone, London.

Eliza WINDAYBANK (Joseph - James)

Eliza WINDAYBANK was baptised 29 Jul 1838 in Epsom, Surrey.

She married Henry LAMB 27 May 1860, Epsom Surrey.

Mary Anne WINDAYBANK (Joseph - James)

Mary Anne WINDAYBANK was baptised 3 May 1840 in Epsom, Surrey.

She married Alfred MORRIS 14 Jul 1861, Epsom Surrey.

John WINDAYBANK (Joseph - James)

John WINDAYBANK was born 19 Dec 1844, and baptised 26 Jan 1845 in Epsom, Surrey.

He married Maria JOHNSON 23 Jul 1865, St.John Penge, Surrey.

Arthur WINDAYBANK(Joseph - James)

Arthur WINDAYBANK was born 3 Apr 1848, and baptised 30 Apr 1848 Epsom Surrey (IGI). He died 1904 aged 57 in London.

He married [unconfirmed] Mary Ann Martha APPELMAN .

Following Mary Ann Martha's death, Arthur married Susan THRING 27 Sep 1874 The Parish Church of St James Norland Kensington London (cert.). She was born in 1838, in Milone Port Somerset, the daughter of Jesse Thring and Arrabella, and died in 1905.

Child of Aurthur and Mary Ann Martha:
  1. Joseph William WINDAYBANK born 27.Jan.1868 - Lambeth.
Child of Aurthur and Susan:
  1. Joseph Thring WINDAYBANK born in 1875 - Kensington, London.

Joseph William WINDAYBANK (Arthur - Joseph - James)

Joseph William WINDAYBANK a.k.a. William/Bill, was born 27 Jan 1868 at 26 Brunel Street, Lambeth London. It is likely that his parents were not married (although his father is described as a widower in the 1871 census, and also on his marriage certificate to Susan Thring in 1874). He was raised by his mother's parents,  Joseph John and Jane Elizabeth Appelman . He died aged 77 in 1945.

He married  Annie Elizabeth BOSHER  30 Jun 1889, St Peter's, Vauxhall.

Children of Joseph William Windaybank and Annie Elizabeth:
  1. Emily WINDAYBANK, born 28 Jul 1890 - Lambeth, London.
  2. Alice WINDAYBANK, born 1892 - Lambeth, London.
  3. Joseph William WINDAYBANK, born 1894 - Lambeth, London.
  4. Annie Susan WINDAYBANK, born 1896 - Lambeth, London.
  5. George Arthur WINDAYBANK, born 1898 - Lambeth, London.
  6. Charles Henry WINDAYBANK, born 1900 - Lambeth, London.
  7. Rose Violet WINDAYBANK, born 1903 - Lambeth, London.
  8. Albert Edward WINDAYBANK, born 13 Jan 1906 - Lambeth, London.

Joseph Thring WINDAYBANK (Arthur - Joseph - James)

Joseph Thring WINDAYBANK was baptised 19 Sep 1875, St. James' Norland, Kensington, and died in 1904, aged 27.

He married Alice Helena Catherine SAVERY in 1898, Fulham London.

Children of Joseph Thring and Alice Helena Catherine:
  1. Violet Helena J. WINDAYBANK, born 1899 - Fulham, London.
  2. Arthur Joseph T. WINDAYBANK, born 12 Oct 1900 - Fulham, London.
  3. Lillian Susan WINDAYBANK, born 21 Jan 1902 - Fulham, London.
  4. Frederick Charles WINDAYBANK, born 1 Feb 1903 - Fulham, London.

Following the death of Joseph, Alice married Isaac Reuben Tottman, 25 Jul 1909, St. Andrew and St. Philip, Kensal Green.

Emily WINDAYBANK (Joseph William - Arthur - Joseph)

Emily WINDAYBANK was born 28 Jul 1890 in London.

She married William Michael RYAN 6 Apr 1933 in Kennington.

Son of Emily:
  1. Leonard WINDAYBANK, born 8 Jan 1913 - Marylebone, London.

Leonard WINDAYBANK (Emily - Joseph William - Arthur - Joseph - James)

Leonard WINDAYBANK was born 8 Jan 1913 in Queen Charlotte's Hospital, Marylebone London (cert), and died in 1995 in Portsmouth.

He married Alice Maude CHAPMAN in London.

Wedding Day

Leonard and Alice

Leonard & Alice Maude WINDAYBANK, standing. Far left: Joseph William Windaybank and Annie Elizabeth nee Bosher.

William Cooper PULLEN

William Cooper PULLEN was born 18.May.1777 in Borden West Sussex.

He married Hannah RUGMAN 29.Sep.1796 in Kirdford, West Sussex.

Children of William Cooper and Hannah:
  1. James PULLEN, baptised 22.Jan.1797 - Kirdford, West Sussex.
  2. Mary PULLEN, baptised 5.May.1799 - Kirdford, West Sussex.
  3. Amelia PULLEN, baptised 8.Mar.1801 - Kirdford, West Sussex.
  4. Martha PULLEN, baptised 10.Apr.1803 - Kirdford, West Sussex.
  5. William Cooper PULLEN, baptised 9.Dec.1804, died 27.Sep.1805 - Kirdford, West Sussex.
  6. Maria PULLEN, baptised 2.Aug.1807 - Kirdford, West Sussex.

Maria PULLEN (William Cooper)

Maria PULLEN was baptised 2.Aug.1807 in Kirdford, West Sussex.

She married Joseph WINDAYBANK 3.Dec.1826 in Ashtead, Surrey.

To children of Maria and Joseph


John RUGMAN married Anne ETHERINGTON 24.May.1759 in Kirdford, West Sussex.

Children of John Rugman and Anne:
  1. Ann RUGMAN, baptised 23.Nov.1760 - Kirdford, West Sussex.
  2. Mary RUGMAN, baptised 13.Mar.1763 - Kirdford, West Sussex.
  3. John RUGMAN, baptised 21.Sep.1766 - Kirdford, West Sussex.
  4. Henry RUGMAN, baptised 7.Sep.1772 - Kirdford, West Sussex.
  5. George RUGMAN, baptised 7.Nov.1774 - Kirdford, West Sussex.
  6. Richard RUGMAN, baptised 7.Nov.1774 - Kirdford, West Sussex.
  7. Hannah RUGMAN, baptised 20.Jul.1777 - Kirdford, West Sussex.

Hannah RUGMAN (John)

Hannah RUGMAN was baptised 20.Jul.1777 in Kirdford, West Sussex.

She married William Cooper PULLEN 29.Sep.1796 in Kirdford, West Sussex.

To children of Hannah and William Cooper

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