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Mary Shorting

Mary SHORTING was possibly the Mary baptised 2 Dec 1748 in Holt, Norfolk, the daughter of James and Mary Shorting. There is, however, a burial noted for a Mary, 09 Apr 1758, although it does not state if an age or 'daughter of…' to confirm if a child. As an argument for this being the correct Mary, James & Mary had a daughter Diana, a name given to one of Henry & Mary Peck's daughters… this name not having been used within the Peck family before this time.

Mary died in child birth, and was buried 8 May 1783 in Hunworth.

Marriage & Children

She married Henry Peck 28 Oct 1778 in Sharrington, Norfolk.

All Saints, Sharrington, parish register
Marriage of:
Henry Peck, singleman of Hunworth (signed) & Mary Shorting, single woman of the parish (x)
Witnessed by:
Richard Funnell & John Turner

Children of Henry Peck and Mary:

  1. Mary PECK, baptised 5 Sep 1779 - Hunworth, Norfolk.
  2. John PECK, baptised 3 Jun 1781 - Hunworth, Norfolk.
  3. Diana PECK, baptised 8 May 1783, buried 20 May 1783 - Hunworth, Norfolk.
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