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George Tryon Orchard

(Joseph - Jacob - Joseph - Tobyas - Tobias - Thomas)

George Tryon ORCHARD was born 11 Jan 1780, and baptised 18 Feb 1780 at Trinity Church1), New York City when still within the control of the British as a colony.



“New York, June 29, 1780. Sir: Having appointed you by a Letter of Attorney to act for me in my absence, and as Human events are uncertain. I herewith acquaint you with my sentiments how I would have my effects disposed of in case of my death. I have requested George Gregory Townsend, Esq., to act for me at Carolina to dispose of my effects, and transmit to you. I leave to John Menze, for his son John, of whom I am Godfather, £100. To my Godson, George Tryon Orchard, son of Joseph Orchard, £100. To the Charity School in New York £100. To the Poor in the Workhouse in New York £100. To Mr. Peter Paumier £50. To Mr. John McKenny £100 for his trouble on my account. All the rest to Peter Paumier, Esq. I am, with my best wishes for your Health and Happiness, Sir, Your Obedient Humble Servant. GEORGE GOSLING.”

To Mr. John McKenny. Proved as a will, August 26, 1780, on oath of Daniel Dunscomb, grocer, and Jamieson Cox, innkeeper, as to handwriting, etc. John McKenny was made executor.

Marriage & Children

He married Jane ELLEN 5 Apr 1809 at the Parish Chapel of St. Pancras, London.

Marriage Bonds and Allegations of London
georgetryonorchardjaneellenmarallegation1809.jpg georgetryonorchardjaneellenmarbond1809.jpg

There is one child noted: Elizabeth born 29th June 1795, meaning George would have still been only fourteen when she was conceived. That Elizabeth is indeed George and Jane's daughter is supported by Elizabeth's baptism 8 May 1814, at the age of 18, stating that her father is George Orchard, and mother Jane deceased. Also on that day is the baptism of John George Ellen 2), the son of James and Mary Ellen, with Elizabeth Orchard having the same address of 49 St Mary Axe (to offer some insight into the present day location: 30 St Mary Axe is where 'The Gherkin' stands).

Child of George Tryon Orchard and Jane:

  1. Elizabeth ORCHARD, born 29 Jun 1795 - London.
The Quaker Meeting House being one of many buildings commandeered for barracks, stables, prisons, or storehouses.
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