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William Thomas Missingham

(David - John - Richard)

William Thomas Missingham, born 1868. Photograph from: Parliament of New South Wales web site. William Thomas MISSINGHAM was born 15 May 1868 in Jamberoo NSW.

Hw was a Member of Parliament for New South Wales.

He died 1 Feb 1933 in Croydon NSW, and was buried Northern Suburbs cemetery.

He married Margaret Elizabeth DORROUGH 25 Nov 1891 in Lismore NSW. She died 17.Jun.1952 in Lismore.

Children of William Thomas Missingham and Margaret Elizabeth:

  1. Alfred William S. MISSINGHAM, born 1893, died 1952 - Lismore.
  2. John W.C. MISSINGHAM, born and died 1895 - Lismore.
  3. David Matthew MISSINGHAM, born 1896, died 1955 - Lismore.
  4. Margaret P. MISSINGHAM, born 1898 - Lismore.
  5. Stella Elizabeth MISSINGHAM, born 1903, died 1976 - Lismore.
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