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Tudor Time Line

1500 - 1515

Chancery Court Records

... Robert Wyndebanke psone of the church of Colne in the Marches of Calais ...


1509 - Accession of Henry VIII

1509 Oct 26

John Wyndebank

Indenture of lease to Sir Nicholas Vaux, of the county of Guisnes, the lordships of Sandgate and Bovelingham, and the forest of Guisnes, with a place called the Littill Grange, the Wheatfelde, and Fotehamprye, which place, &c., was lately held by John Wyndebank; for 20 years from Mich. last; paying yearly "after the rate of the table of Callais," for the county 533l. 6s. 8d., for Sandegate 48l. 6s. 8d. and for Bavelingham 40l. 26 Oct. 1 Hen. VIII. Signed. Countersigned: T. Surrey, Ri. Wynton, G. Shrouesbury, T. Duresme, C. Somerset. Examined by John Ernley and John Porte.

1514 Sep 14

Will of Walter Colepeper written -
Proved 1516

In the Presence of Robert Wyndebanke and of John Wyndebanke who have subscribed ther names with ther own hands. Robert Wyndebank pson of Colne. John Wyndbank solgyer of Calays.

1524 Oct 14

Will of Innocent Austin written -
Proved 1528

…To be buried in the parish church of Guysnes nygh vnto Wise [sic]. …

Witness: my goostely father Sr. James Roberts, John Wyndbank, John Corson fremen of the Countie of Guysnes, Richard Tewe Constable of the Kepe, John Cooke, Walter James and John Kyng sowdyars of the Retynewe of the Castell…

1532 30 Dec

Letter from John Windebancke
to Cromwell

In answer to requests made to you at your last being here, in favor of your late kinsman Mr. Basford's widow and children, your pleasure was to receive of her into your custody, a warrant to be signed by the King for the arrears of his fee and money disbursed by him on the repairs of the castle of Guisnes. I therefore beg you to get the said warrant signed. The widow sends you a toothpick and a gold whistle, which Mr. Basford was wont to wear about his neck, only as a token, hoping to recompense your pains hereafter. Guisnes, Dec. 1532.

From: BHO | Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII,
Volume 5, 1531-1532, December 1532, 16-31


Richard Wyndebank

John Byllyngay. v. Edmund Claxton and Richard Wyndebanke, executors of Miles Busshye, knight.: Legacy.
TNA: C 1/735/39


Richarde Wynebanck

Muster-Roll for Calais


1535 23 Sep

Letter from Henry Palmer
to Cromwell

Thanking your mastership for your letters to Mr. Treasurer for redress of the wrongs done to me and to the Wyndebanks by my Lord Chamberlain's officers. I beg you to thank him. I understand there has been presentation made to Mr. Treasurer and other commissioners of the wrongs done by the vice-baileys of Guisnes, and how profitable it were to the county of Guisnes that the high-bailey were there resident, or a vice-bailey not servant of the lieutenant of Guisnes Castle. Being so near joined to the same, I "boldys" me to move your mastership that I might be high-bailey, for a reasonable sum, or else be his deputy. Calais, 23 Sept.

From: BHO | Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII,
Volume 9, August-December 1535

1538 18 Nov

Letter from Henry Palmer
to Cromwell

Received 12 Nov. Cromwell's letter of 31 Oct., bidding him forbear to meddle with the office of the serjeant royal of Guisnes, unless he can prove that it is not incident to my lord Chamberlain's office as lieutenant. Explains his conduct. Has ceased to interfere in the matter since Cromwell's letter. Hopes if any motion be made touching the gaol at Guisnes, the order he took in open court before Cromwell's letter arrived may take effect, viz.:– When he appointed a jailor at the court holden in the King's Exchequer at Calais by him as bailey, 16 Oct., with Thos. Fowler, deputy to Mr. Robt Fowler, vice-treasurer, Thos. Boyes, deputy to lord Edmund Howard, comptroller, Wm. Pryseley, John Massingberd, John Cokeson, John Wyndebanck, and four others (named). Calais, 18 Nov. Signed.

From: BHO | Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII,
Volume 13 Part 2, August-December 1538


Richard Wyndebanke


Edmund CLAXSTON and Richard Wyndebanke, v. John BUSSY, esquire.: Parsonage of Hougham of the demise of Dr. Thomas Topclyf.
TNA: C 1/968/18

1539 Jan

James Wyndebanck

Northern Monasteries:
Pension list for "monasteries late suppressed
Thos. Stockes, prior, 50l., Wm. Nutt, Geo. Copleye, and Ric. Asteleye, 6l. each, Thos. Richardson, Wm. Ingrame, Laur. Starkbone, Alex. Boothe, Thos. Bedall, Geo. Barnesley, and Edm. Robyneson, 5l. 6s. 8d. each; Jas. Wyndebanck, and Robt. Hermystede, 4l. each, John Hailes, Chr. Haslame, and Wm. White, 40s. each.

1539 Dec

Richard Wyndebanke


"(2) ...close of land called "le Grange close," now in the tenure of Ric. Wyndebanke, in Hougham, Linc., belonging to the said late priory of Haverholme; a water mill, a cottage, and a close of land now in the tenure of the said Ric. Wyndebanke, in Marston, Linc. Clear yearly value, 43s."

British History Online

1540 Jun

Richard Wyndebanke


"18. Rob. Carre. Licence to alienate the "graunge close” and all lands now in tenure of Ric. Wyndebanke in Hougham, Linc., and a water-mill, cottage, &c., now in tenure of the said Richard in Marston, which belonged to Haverholme monastery; to Will. Thorold. Westm., 5 June. Pat. 32 Hen. VIII., p. 7, m. 28."

British History Online


Richard Wyndbanck

Knighted for service in France

These knights were made by the King's Highness at his lodging in the town of Bullen the last of September, anno 36 H. 8:

"The earl of Rutland, the lord Fitzwalter, the lord John Graye, the lord Poore of Ireland, Sir Ingram Clyfford, Sir Thos. Carden, Sir Thos. Paston, Sir Charles Brandon, Sir Raffe Fane, Sir Nich. Wentworthe, Sir John Powlett, Sir Robt. Stafford, Sir Andrew Flammock, the lord Nevell, the lord Braye, the lord Edward Graye, Sir Henry Dudley, Sir Ant. Dennye, Sir Ph. Hobbye, Sir John Barkley, Sir Hen. Palmere, father to Sir Thomas Palmere of Wingham, Sir Francis Askew, Sir Ric. Wyndbanck, Sir Raffe Hopton, Sir Thos. Morgan, Sir Wm. Blunt, Sir Ric. Wingfeild."

Letters and Papers, Henry VIII - Foreign and Domestic
British History Online

1544 Sep 30

Richard Wynibanke &
Richard Wynnybanke

Sir T. Hennege to Lord Cobham, Deputy of Calais, and the Council there:

"Where Mr. Richard Wynibanke is called from his room of a spear in Calais to be undermarshal of Boloyn, the King is pleased that his son, Ric. Wynnybanke, shall have his room of spear in Calais, which I signify by the King's command. Boloyn, 30 Sept. Signed."

Letters and Papers, Henry VIII - Foreign and Domestic
British History Online


Richard Wyndebank

William ARMYN of Osgodby, esquire, executor of William Armyn, v. Edmund CLAXTON of Balderton and Richard Wyndebanke of Stanton, both in co. Nottingham.: Lands in Scotter and Manton, late of Giles Busshie, knight, deceased, whose executors were defendants and the said William the elder, the issues being required for defence against an action brought in this court by John his son.
TNA: C 1/1097/26-29

1546 Jun 20

Rychard Wyndebank

The Council's letters of the 9th inst. seem to blame them for payments here in February and March "above the numbers appointed by special order" and also because the charges for April are less than for January, February and March. No precise number of "these retinues" was declared here before the arrival of the auditors on the 18th April, who brought (besides instructions signed by the Council about "other particular orders") a book, "delivered to them, as they say, by Sir Richard Southwell," of the ordinary numbers and rates devised by the Earl of Surrey and him when here together in commission, but that book was not signed, nor was any day limited for the commencement of that precise order. Know only that "particular bands" of 100 men were then changed into the "retinues" of 300 under one captain, without any special order that no such retinue should exceed 300. Thus divers "over numbers" remained; and indeed they could not have been despatched, for lack of money. Surrey, a little before Southwell's departure, declared a letter from the Council to the effect that the diminishment of the garrison should stay until the King's further pleasure. Doubtless he has that letter to show, and its contents appear in the said book brought by the auditors, where, in the margin of the "article touching the cassing of the over numbers," is the note "Memorandum that they be all stayed by letters addressed from his Majesty's Privy Council." The continuance and payment of the men has been with the Earl of Hertford's privity and advice. The charge for April is less, because above 400 sick and "unabled" persons were discharged in March; and the diminishing of the King's charges seems to deserve no great blame. For a plainer declaration the writers desire "the treasurer's particular reckonings now forepast to be transported into England before your Lordships, with one or two of the Council and auditors here, with our poor advices in that we think requisite to be remembered for the establishment of these things"; so that a plain direct order may be given. Bolloigne, 20 June. Signed: Wyllyam Grey: John Bryggys: Hugh Poulet: Rychard Caundysshe: Rychard Wyndebank.

From: BHO | Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 21 Part 1, January-August 1546

1546 Oct 6

Rychard Wyndebank

The Council of Boulogne to the Council:

Highly commend bearer, John Haster, clerk of the Council here, who now repairs to Court for his patent of the "baylyveage" of Newhaven whereunto he is nominated. His good service ever since the conquest of this town has deserved preferment. Bulloigne, 6 Oct. 1546.
Signed: Wyllyam Grey: John Bryggys: Hugh Poulet:
Rychard Wyndebank: Leonard Bekwth: Henry Palmere.

From: BHO | Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 21 Part 2, September 1546-January 1547

1547 - Succession of Edward VI

(1553 - Jane Grey)

1553 - Accession of Mary

1558 - 1570

James Wyndebank

Rector of Shermanbury church [St. Giles], West Sussex
Church patron, William Comber

From: A history of the western division of the county of Sussex, Volume 2, Part 2

1558 Aug 8

[Sir] Richard Windebank

Will written - Proved 19 Aug 1558. Died in Poplar.
Buried: St. Edmund's Church, Lombard Street London.


1558 Oct

[Dame] Margaret Windebank

Will written - Proved 13 Dec 1558.

Buried: St. Edmund's Church, Lombard Street London


1558 - Accession of Elizabeth I

1562 Sep 24

Richard Wyndebanck
Captain, Rye Castle

Letter to Sir William Cecil. Has received and mustered the soldiers at Rye. Certain portions of armor deficient.

1562 7 Oct

Letter from Richard Windebank
to Cecil

Will not trouble him with an account of their estate since their coming to Dieppe, but requests aid of men and victuals. —Dieppe, 7 Oct. 1562. Signed. Orig., with seal. Add. Endd. by Cecil's secretary. Pp. 2.

From: BHO | Calendar of State Papers Foreign, Elizabeth,
Volume 5, 1562, October 1562, 6-10

1562 11 Oct

Letter from H. Alington
to Thomas Cecil and Windebank

On the 4th inst. Poynings with 1,600 men arrived at Newhaven. The Earl of Warwick is ready to take shipping, who will make near 3,000 men. Some are at Dieppe, where Windebank's1 brother2 has the leading of 100 men. The Queen of Scots has made her progress towards Inverness, where she caused the captain under the Earl of Huntly's son to be executed, and the Earl's son committed to prison The Earl assembled 1,000 horse and foot, to have met the Queen as she passed the Spey; but she gathered 3,000 of her subjects; and so the Earl left his enterprise without further harm as yet.—Hampton Court, 11 Oct. 1562. Signed. Orig. Add. Endd. Pp. 3.

From: BHO | Calendar of State Papers Foreign, Elizabeth,
Volume 5, 1562, October 1562, 11-15

[TLM - 1 Thomas, 2 Richard]

1566 Aug 20

Marriage - [Sir] Thomas Windebank son of Richard

Scrivelsby Lincolnshire

to: Frances Dymoke

1569 Dec

Mary Wynibanke, daughter to Richard Wynibank, of Sandown Castle, gentleman.
(Note also: Thomas Wynibank, uncle to Mary Wynibanke)

From: 'Elizabeth: Miscellaneous, 1559', Calendar of State Papers Foreign, Elizabeth, Volume 9: 1569-1571 (1874), pp. 160-164.

Petition to the French Ambassador by Sebastian D'Anvalx, gentleman of France:

1. Sebastian D'Anvalx, gentleman of France, states that about one year and three-quarters past he happened to fall in with one Mary Wynibanke, daughter to Richard Wynibank, of Sandown Castle, gentleman, unto whom being contracted, and her father consenting to the same, he disbursed divers sums for such necessaries as she wanted, and expecting her father's coming to perform the marriage for the space of eight months, he bare her charges for her lodging, meat, drink, and apparel. The said orator being wearied with so long delay being earnest with her to perform her promise, she craved respect for three weeks, and in the meantime he took a chamber for her; she, however, went from thence and spoiled him of certain jewels, stuffs, money, apparel, and writings, which he had committed to her keeping. After this time he found her in the service of the Lady Sidney, who very honourably gave him good words, praying him that she might stay there five or six months, and then she would with the preferment of her friends yield her as his wife unto him. Wherewithal the said orator being well pleased, the said Mary, during the time of her abode with Lady Sidney, sent to him for money and other necessaries, which he sent unto her. The six months being ended he again waited on her Ladyship, who answered that at the coming home of Sir Henry Sidney, order should be taken for the matter and all should be well. A little before his return the said Mary went from her Ladyship, and has since privily lurked in places unknown to the said orator, so as Sir Henry told him that he could not help the matter, and willed him take his remedy by law. Thomas Wynibank, uncle to the said Mary, who had also given his consent, promised that if the said Mary had received anything from the said orator that he would see it answered, now makes a flat denial of any such promise, adding that he would neither meddle or make with his said niece, but willed him attempt the law for his remedy.
2. Begs that he will move the Privy Council to call the said Richard and Thomas Wynibank before them, and upon hearing of their evil dealing in this matter make a final order and determination therein. Endd.: Pour le capitaine Bastien François. P. 1.

1575 Jul 8

Thomas Windebank

Letter from (Over against Durham Place) Thomas Windebank to Sec. Francis Walsyngham. Answers touching the matter between Captain Sebastian and his cousin, a wench whom Sebastian claimed in marriage, and who was a fitter wife for him than for an honester man.

From: Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series 1547-1580

1578 Oct 8

Marriage - John Wyndbanck

St John the Baptist, Trimingham, Norfolk [PR]

to: Margaret Godfraye

1581 Nov 23

Marriage - Aaron Windebank

St Mary The Virgin, Dover Kent

to: Marye Spritwell

1582 Aug 21

Bapt - [Sir] Francis Windebank

Father: [Sir] Thomas

as "Fraunciscus Wyndeba'cke"

St Martin's-in-the-Fields, London

1584 Mar 29

Bapt - Richard Windebank

Father: Aaron

St Mary The Virgin, Dover Kent

Burial: 6 Feb 1584/85

1584 Aug 12

Margaret Windebank

Father: [Sir] Thomas

as "Mrs Margareta Windebank"

St Martin's-in-the-Fields, London

[A register of baptisms, marriages, and burials in the parish of
St. Martin in the Fields, in the county of Middlesex]

1585 April 13

Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the reign of Elizabeth.

Thomas Windebank to Walsyngham.
Excuses his non-attendance at the Court by reason of his ill health having taken medicine for the defect of his eye sight.

1584 Nov 6

Aaron Windebank - Dover

Letter to Walsingham

1585 Jul 31

Bapt - Mildred Windebank

Father: [Sir] Thomas

Haines Hill, Berkshire

1585 Oct 27

Bapt - John Windebancke

Father: Aaron

St Mary The Virgin, Dover Kent


Richard Windebanckes

Will written and proved - Deal Vol 36 / Folio 17

[Consistory Court of Canterbury Will Index Volumes 27-72
Source: DCb/pRC32/ Vol 27 - 72 Circa 1557-1857,
Canterbury Cathedral Archives]


Aaron Windebanke

Schedule of the garrisons in coastal forts of Kent and Sussex. Sandowne Castell: Aaron Windebanke Capteyne there beside his yerely fee per diem 20d

1588 - Spanish Armada

1588 Sep 20

Bur - Ellin wife of Wyndbanc

Pontefract, Yorkshire

1589 May 2

Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the reign of Elizabeth.

Barn Elms

Sir F. Walsyngham to Tho. Windebank, clerk of Her Majesty's Signet.
The draft of the letter to Norreys and Drake was in as mild terms as could be expected. The two generals were men of courage and would rather hazard Her Majesty's displeasure than let the expedition fail. Considering how greatly Sir Roger Williams is beloved both by captains and soldiers, the proceeding against him might breed a mutiny and division in the army.

1590 Apr 16

Bapt - Allice Windebancke

Father: Aaron

St Mary The Virgin, Dover Kent


Elizabeth Windebancke

Will written and proved - Canterbury

[Consistory Court of Canterbury Will Index
Source: PRC17/50/378a PRC16/113 W/2, Canterbury Cathedral Archives]

1592 Sep 3

Marriage - Anne Windebank

daughter of [Sir] Thomas

St Martin’s-in-the-Fields, London

to: Henry Reade

[A register of baptisms, marriages, and burials in the parish of
St. Martin in the Fields, in the county of Middlesex]

1594 Feb 1

Bapt - Ellyn Windebank

Father: [Sir] Thomas

Hurst, Berkshire.

1594 Mar 16

Bapt - Aaron Windebanck

Father: Aaron

St Mary The Virgin, Dover Kent

1596 Apr 3

Mr Windebanck

possibly Aaron or Thomas

Sir Henry Palmer to the Lord Admiral.

"May it please your good lordship, according to your directions, I came over with Mr. Wyndebanke to Callis road, and came to an anchor there about 12 of the clock the last night, where I found at an anchor 12 of the ships of war of the Low Countries. The governor of Calais sent out this enclosed letter by one Robert Flye, a Dutchman, one whom the said governor doth make great account of, who hath assured me that Rysbanke is possessed by the enemy, and that they have mounted 8 pieces of artillery there. Upon the east side of the town (near unto the fortification that the governor hath made without the town) they have planted 5 pieces of battery; and upon the west end of the town they have planted certain pieces of ordnance, but how many he knoweth not, neither hath the enemy (as yet) played with them, but in the other two places they lay it on for life. Their number of men are 15,000.” They have more ordnance coming. Ships cannot enter the haven without great peril from the shot from Rysbanke; yet some have passed in and out, since the enemy took Rysbanke, by keeping to the eastward of the pier, which sheltered them. Last night, however, are come from Gravelines, 5 double shallops full of shot, each with a small piece in the prow, "who have prevented some shallops that offered to go in with soldiers this last night, with whom also Mr. Wyndebank was shipped to have gone in. They keep themselves safe within the bank to the eastward of the pier, where one quarter of the enemy lodgeth. Mr. Wyndybank doth make great haste and therefore I must leave the rest to his report. He can inform your lordship the cause of my stay here till the next full sea." Calais Road, 3 April 1596.

Cecil Papers: British History Online

1597 Feb 1

Bapt - Ellyn Windebanke

Father: Aaron

St Mary The Virgin, Dover Kent

Death: 19 Feb 1597


Elizabeth Windebancke

Will proved - Canterbury Vol 50 / Folio 378a
Written - 1592

[Archdeanory Court of Canterbury Will Index,
Canterbury Cathedral Archives]

1599 May 8

[Sir] Francis Windebank

Matric, St John's College, Oxford

1599 May 10

Thomas Windebank - Ireland

brother of Aaron and Phineas

Will (letter) written - Proved 11 Aug 1599


1600 Jul 31

Marriage - Mildred Windebank

daughter of [Sir] Thomas

St Martin’s-in-the-Fields, London

to: Robert Reade


[Sir] Francis Windebank

B.A., Oxford

1602/03 Feb 4

[Sir] Francis Windebank

Adm. at the Middle Temple

1603 - Accession of James I