Missingham & Messingham

Parish Register
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London (Middlesex/Surrey), Kent & Essex, 1572 - 1941

157226 OctCranbrookKentMarriage of  James Messingham to Elizabeth Wyblye
157912 JunChristchurch,
Newgate Street
LondonBurial ofJohn Messyngham[pr]
15793 JulChristchurch,
Newgate Street
LondonBurial ofMargerett Messyngham'Sis of John' [pr]
15803 AprCranbrookKentBaptism ofJohn MessinghamBastard [pr]
158222 OctSt Saviour,
Denmark Park
SurreyBurial ofMyanett Mesingham [pr]
15829 DecCranbrookKentBaptism ofJames Messingham 
15863 OctSt Margaret PattensLondonMarriage ofEdward Messingham to Alce Dally
158722 OctSt Margaret PattensLondonBaptism ofMarryn Messingham(daughter of Edward Messingham - see: 3 Jan 1591) [pr]
15899 MarSt Margaret PattensLondonBaptism ofAnne MessinghamFather: Edward Messingham [pr]
159031 MaySt Margaret PattensLondonBaptism ofMary MessinghamFather: Edward Messingham [pr]
159014 JulSt Margaret PattensLondonBurial ofEdward Messingam [pr]
15909 NovSt Margaret PattensLondonMarriage ofAlce Messinggan
Widow of Edward Messingham
to Georg Gryffett
15913 JanSt Margaret PattensLondonBurial ofMarryn Messinggam Father: Edward Messinggam [pr]
160125 JanCranbrookKentMarriage ofEllin Messingham to Christopher Overy
160713 NovSt Saviour,
Denmark Park
SurreyBurial ofAnne Messengham a maide [pr]
16143 MayCranbrookKentMarriage ofThomas Messingame to Joan Finche or Smyth
161429 MayGillinghamKentMarriage ofAgnes Masingham to James William
161530 JulCranbrookKentBaptism ofEdmond Messengham the son of Thomas
1615/16  23 JanSt Alfege,
KentBurial ofAlce Messingham wife of Raphe Messingham [pr]
1615/1628 JanSt Alfege,
KentBurial ofJohn Messinghame the elder [pr]
16291 FebSt Alphage,
KentMarriage ofMary Messinghame to Thomas Coulsone by Banns
16329 AprSt Giles CripplegateLondonMarriage ofNicholas Messingham to Eliza Harrison
163314 OctGillinghamKentMarriage ofDorothy Massingham to William Tumber
1633/3414 JanSt Alfege,
KentBurial ofMary Messingham widow [pr]
163430 JunChathamKentWill ofJames MessinghamProved 22 Aug 1634
163517 JanCranbrookKentMarriage ofEdmond Messingham to Ann Wall
163627 SepSt Alfege,
KentBurial ofAlice Messingham daughter of Richard Messingham (of the plague) [pr]
16366 NovCranbrookKentBaptism ofJane MessinghamDaughter of Edward [pr]
163613 DecCranbrookKentBurial ofJane MessinghamChild
163811 FebCranbrookKentBaptism ofMy MessinghamDaughter of Edward [pr]
164020 AprSt Alfege,
KentBurial ofRalph Messingham [pr]
164118 AugSt Alfege,
KentBaptism ofClarcius Messinghamdaughter of John Messingham [pr]
164322 JunCranbrookKentBurial of - MessinghamA Child Of Edw [pr]
164520 AprCranbrookKentBapstism ofHopewell Messingham 
164519 AugSt Alfege,
KentBaptism ofRalph Messinghamson of John Messingham [pr]
16477 MarCranbrookKentBapstism ofGrace Messinghamthe daughter of Edward
164730 JulCranbrookKentBurial ofHopewell MessinghamChild
1649/5018 MarCranbrookKentBaptism ofEdmund Messingham the son of Edmund & Agnes
16509 NovCranbrookKentBurial ofEdmund MissinghamChild
16511 MayEast
KentWill ofJohn MessinghamProved 9 May 1651
16528 DecCranbrookKentBurial ofwidow Messingham  
165221 DecCranbrookKentBurial ofEdward Missingham 
16583 JunCranbrookKentBurial ofMary Missingham D. Edward (Clothw) Of Courhoue? & Ann Wall
165816 NovSt George The Martyr,
SurreyMarriage ofClarivance Messingamto John Bray [pr]
166126 MayCranbrookKentBaptism ofThomas Missingham son of Edmond Cloth-Worker
16655 NovSt Alfege,
KentMarriage ofElizab Mesingamto Robt Michell [pr]
167022 NovCranbrookKentBurial ofGrace Messingham  
167415 NovSt Alfege,
KentBaptism ofJohn Messinghamson of Ralph Messingham [pr]
167618 MarSt Alfege,
KentBurial ofFranis Misingam the son of Ralph Misingam [pr]
167830 JulCranbrookKentBurial ofThomas Messingham son of Edward
168329 MayStepneyMiddlesexBurial ofAnne Messingham daughter of George
168330 NovSt Alfege,
KentBurial ofElizabeth Messingam daughter of Ralph Messingam [pr]
16834 DecHoly Trinity MinoriesLondonMarriage ofGeorge Missingham, bachelor of Kent  to Eleanor Shears, widow of Kent [pr]  
16889 SepSt John of Wapping,
Tower Hamlets
MiddlesexBurial ofLucy Messingham of East Smithfield [fever - poor] [pr]
168913 NovCranbrookKentBurial ofEdward Missingham 
169024 FebCranbrookKentMarriage ofLucy Messinghamto James Tanner
16933 NovGreenwichKentBinding RecordFrancis Messingham Master: Ralph Messingham
Thames Watermen & Lightermen
1693/9417 JanSt Alfege,
KentBaptism ofElizabeth Messingamdaughter of Ralph ['Watterman'] and Elizabeth Messingam [pr]
1694/9511 FebSt Alfege,
KentBurial ofthe wife ofRalph Misinggame [pr]
169623 AprSt Gregory
By St Paul's
LondonMarriage ofDavid Missingham, of Leigh in Kent  to Mary Collins, widow of
Greenwich by lic. [pr]
1697    Ralph Mesingam,
Association Oath Rolls
16972 DecBromleyKentBirth ofMary Missingham
Baptism 4 Dec 1697
Father: David Missingham
Mother: Mary [pr]
17012 JulSt Nicholas,
KentBaptism ofMary Mesingham Father: Francis Mesingham
of Broomefields [pr]
17035 AprSt Nicholas,
KentBaptism ofMary Mesingham Father: Francis Mesingham
of Broomefields [pr]
170527 SepDittonKentMarriage ofJohn Missingham Mary Sindersby [pr]
17069 SepSt Mary
LondonMarriage ofThomas Missinghamto Catherin Powell [pr]
17063/6 OctEast MallingKentBaptism ofThomas Missingham son of John [pr]
17074 DecSt Saviour,
SurreyBurial ofMary Messingham infant - 'pensioner' [pr]
17085 SepEast MallingKentBaptism ofMary Missingham daughter of John
17092 AugSt Alfege,
KentBurial ofThomas Messingham 'Laborer' [pr]
1710/1120/28 JanEast MallingKentBaptism ofJohn Missingham son of John [pr]
171124 JunEast MallingKentBurial ofMary Missingham wife of John [pr]
17118 Nov
Southwark Quakers
SurreyMarriage ofMary Messinghamto Francis Holderness [pr]
171116 DecEast MallingKentMarriage ofJohn Missingham Alice Mills [pr]
171216 AprEast MallingKentBaptism ofChristopher Missingham on of John [pr]
171225 MayEast MallingKentBurial ofChristopher Missingham son of John [pr]
171217 SepSt Alfege,
KentBurial ofJohn Messingham 'of the Lord of Northamtons College' [pr]
1713/1431 JanEast MallingKentBaptism ofWilliam Missingham son of John [pr]
171427 FebSt Gregory
By St Paul's
LondonMarriage ofElizabeth Missinghamto Stephen Tyrrel [pr]
171411 FebEast MallingKentBurial ofWilliam Missingham son of John [pr]
17157 FebSt James'
LondonMarriage ofMary Missingham,
of Bromley Kent,
aged 19 [1696]
d. of David Missingham
to William Wickar, of Beckenham Kent ,
aged 19 [1696] [pr]
17156 NovEast MallingKentBaptism ofEdward Missingham son of John [pr]
171521 DecEast MallingKentBurial ofJohn Missingham   [pr]
171611 MarEast MallingKentBurial ofEdward Missingham son of Widow Missingham [pr]
171826 OctSt Mary,
KentMarriage ofMary Messinghamto Richd Bowes, of Deptford Lic: [pr]
171922 DecSt Swithin
London Stone
LondonBaptism ofThomas Messingham 'son of Margaret Messingham a stranger was born and baptized' [pr]  
171923 DecSt Swithin
London Stone
LondonBurial ofMargaret & Thomas Messingham   buried in the church yard of St Swithin's [pr]
172329 JunEast MallingKentBurial ofWidow Missingham of New Hide [pr]
173520 OctMaidstoneKentMarriage ofThomas Missinghamto Sarah Johnson, both of Linton [pr]
173624 OctLintonKentBaptism ofJasper Missingham Father: Thomas Missingham
Mother: Sarah [pr]  
173925 MarLintonKentBaptism ofJohn Missingham Father: Thomas Missingham
Mother: Sarah [pr]  
174222 AprBromleyKentBurial ofDavid Messingham  
174428 OctEast MallingKentBaptism ofElizabeth Missingham daughter of Thomas [pr]
174818 FebAll Saints, EdmontonMiddlesexBurial ofMary Messingham [pr]
174931 MayAll Saints, EdmontonMiddlesexBurial ofJohn Messingham [pr]
1758 Christchurch, SpitalfieldsCity of LondonLand TaxBryon MissinghamLiving at 5 White Lyon Yard, Christchurch, City of London
17605 FebBoxleyKentMarriage ofJohn Missingham Mary Slaughter [pr]
176122 AugEast MallingKentBurial ofThomas Missingham   [pr]
17669 MarEast MallingKentBaptism ofSophia Gorsden Messingham daughter of Eizabeth [pr - Elizth.Bp]
17666 JulMaidstoneKentMarriage ofSarah Messingham Thomas Wilden [pr]
17719 AprAll Saints,
KentBurial ofElizabeth Missingham 
177424 FebSt Marylebone, WestminsterMiddlesexBurial ofSamuel Messingham [pr]
177425 JanAll Saints,
KentBaptism ofRichard Missingham Father: Thomas Missingham
Mother: Mary [pr]  
177423 MayAll Saints,
KentBurial ofRichard Missinghams. of Thomas and Mary
177520 AugAll Saints,
KentBaptism ofElizabeth Missingham Father: Thomas Missingham
Mother: Mary [pr]  
177523 AugAll Saints,
KentBurial ofElizabeth Missinghamd. of Thomas and Mary
17764 OctAll Saints,
KentBaptism ofAnn Missingham Father: Thomas Misingham
Mother: Ann
1776-- NovAll Saints,
KentBurial of  wife of Thomas Missingham
177614 DecAll Saints,
KentBurial ofAnn Missinghamd. of Thomas and Ann
1779 St. GeorgeMiddlesexLand TaxJames MissinghamLiving at 12 High Way, St. George, Middlesex (Tower Division)
178214 FebAll Saints,
KentBurial ofSarah Missinghamwidow, aged 87 [1695]
17853 JulEast MallingKentBaptism ofThomas Dodge Missingham on of Susanna [pr - Bb]  
178628 MayMaidstoneKentBurial ofJasper Missingham [pr]
178718 FebAll Saints,
KentBurial ofThomas Dodge Missinghamson of Sophia[pr]
178721 MarWandsworthSurreyBaptism ofMary Missingham,
pauper and spurious
Father: John Missingham
Mother: Elizabrth Joy [pr]
178711 AprAll Saints,
KentBurial ofJames Missinghamaged 76 [1711]
178817 FebChathamKentMarriage ofJohn Masingham to Mary Clark [pr]
17903 MaySt Saviour,
SurreyMarriage ofJames Messingham to Anne Gardner [pr]
179120 JanAll Saints,
KentBurial ofThomas Missingham[pr - p.]
179417 AugSt Leonards,
SurreyMarriage ofJane Messingham, widow to Samuel Hall [pr]
17954 OctSt Nicholas,
KentBannsJames Messingham Philadelphia Carrack [pr]
17964 AprSt Nicholas,
KentMarriage ofJames Messingham to Susanna Brown [pr]
17978 MarSt Mary Magdalene,
KentBaptism of James William Messingham Father: James Messingham
Mother: Susannah Messingham [pr]
[Note: admitted to Bermuda Royal Naval Hospital
25 Jun 1829 - 26 July 1829]
179921 AprDartfordKentBaptism ofSarah Missingham Father: James Missingham
Mother: Ann [pr]  
18024 OctSt George,
Hanover Square
Middlesex  Marriage ofAnn Messingham to William Frost [pr]
180221 NovSt Mary, Paddington Green,
MiddlesexBurial ofWilliam Messingham of St James' [pr]
18039 FebSt Botolph BishopsgateLondonBurial ofJoseph Messingham aged 6 [pr]
180317 May
8 Jun
Holy Trinity, Dartford
Kent  Birth of
Baptism of
James MessinghamFather: James Messingham
Mother: Ann [pr]
18068 SepSt Margaret,
MiddlesexMarriage ofLucy Messingham to William Hayward [pr]
180729 AprSt Alfege,
KentBurial ofJoseph Messingham a Collegeman [pr]
181210 FebSt Luke,
Old Street
MiddlesexMarriage ofJohn Messingham to Diane Annett [pr]
1814 St. JamesWestminsterLand TaxMr. MissinghamProprietor of property on Angel Court
181520 DecSt Martin
In The Fields,
MiddlesexMarriage ofLydia Messingham to James Hay [pr]
181811 JanHoly Trinity,
KentBurial ofAnn Messinghamaged 53 [pr]
181828 MaySt Pancras
Parish Church,
MiddlesexMarriage ofMary Messingham to Holman Underwood [pr]
182316 FebSt James'
MiddlesexBannsCharlotte Messingham George Birks [pr]
182310 DecSt Mary Magdalene,  
SurreyBurial ofMary Messingham
of George Row
aged 74 [pr]
18248 OctLowfield Street
Independent Chapel,
KentBaptism ofCharles Messingham Father: John Messingham
Mother: Sarah [pr]
18254 AugBrightonSussexBaptism ofSarah Ann Messingham  Father: John Messingham
Mother: Sarah [pr]
182517 DecSt Dunstan and
All Saints,
MiddlesexMarriage ofAnn Messingham Samuel Steele [pr]
183510 MayHoly Trinity,
KentBurial ofJohn Messinghamaged 39 [pr]
183911 AugChrist Church,
SurreyMarriage ofMary Ann Messingham William Woodcock [pr]
18446 OctMaidstoneKentBurial ofRobert Saxby Missingham[pr]
184716 DecSt Thomas,
SurreyBurial ofJohn Messingham
of Maze Pond
aged 60 [pr]
184810 AugAll Souls,
Kensal Green
MiddlesexBurial ofJohn Charles Messingham  
of 61 Goswell Road,
St James Clerkenwell
aged 22 [pr]
1849AprSt SepulchreLondonBurial ofElizabeth Masingham aged 84 [pr]
185812 AugNunhead Cemetery,
Linden Grove,  
SurreyBurial ofLouisa Messingham
of Crosby Row, Bermondsey
aged 68 [pr]
18729 OctSt George, BloomsburyMiddlesexMarriage ofHarriet Messingham Edward Wratten Musto [pr]
187327 MayAll Saints, PaddingtonMiddlesexMarriage ofAnnie Messingham Robert Almond Smith [pr]
18812 NovSt James', PaddingtonMiddlesexMarriage ofGeorge Messingham Emma Elizabeth Edwards [pr]  
18933 AprSt Philip, KensingtonMiddlesexMarriage ofKate Messingham William John Channon [pr]
189427 JanHarmondsworth, Hillingdon MiddlesexBurial ofJohn Messingham
of Longford
aged 70 [pr]
191028 MarHoly Trinity, WandsworthSurreyMarriage ofGeorge Henry Messingham Alice Slegg [pr]
192025 MaySt John, NorthfieldsLondonMarriage ofAlfred William Messingham Millicent Edith Thorne [pr]
194126 AprFeltham MiddlesexBurial ofJohn Alfred Messingham
of 6 The Drive
aged 25 [pr]
son of Alfred J. Messingham and
Catherine M. née White

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