Muster Roll for Sandown Castle, 1603

From British History Online - Cecil Papers: September 1603

1603, September 29 A roll indented of the captain and soldiers of his Majesty's Castle of Sandown, which are to receive pay from 28 Sept., 1602. until 29 Sept. following, viewed and mustered before Sir Thomas Fane, knight, Lieutenant of Dover Castle, 29 Sept., 1603.
The Captain Aaron Windebanke per diem 20d.
The Captain's 4 soldiers John Cadge 6d.
John Salby 6d.
Daniel Boorne 6d.
David Rosse 6d.
Lieutenant William Saunders 8d.
Lieutenant's soldier Thomas Kitt 6d.
Chief porter Henry Johnson 8d.
Under-porter Thomas Edwardes 6d.
Cannoneers and soldiers Nicholas Muzzerd 6d.
Henry Malcome 6d.
John Brabson 6d.
John White 6d.
Henry Osborne 6d.
John Clarke 6d.
Peter Thomson 6d.
John Kempe 6d.
Robert Emberson 6d.
William Pittocke 6d.
  Total per diem 11s.
Signed: Tho. Fane. Aaron Windebank. 1 p. (101. 149.)