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Speculations on the Gordon branch


Speculation One

Adam GORDON married Cecile BARCLAY 15 Apr 1764, Edinburgh.

Parish Register:
Adam Gordon, indweller in New Grayfrier's, and Cecil, daughter to William Barclay, coal grieve to the Duchess of Gordon, Old Grayfriers parish.

Children of Adam Gordon and Cecile:

  1. James GORDON, born 1766 - Edinburgh.
  2. Charles GORDON, born 1769 - Edinburgh.
  3. Alexander GORDON, born 1771 - Edinburgh.
  4. Charlotte GORDON, born 1773 - Edinburgh.
  5. John GORDON, born 1776 - Edinburgh.

James GORDON  ( Adam ) was born 14 Dec 1766, and baptised 17 Dec 1766, St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh.

Charles GORDON  ( Adam ) was born 24 May 1769, and baptised 30 May 1769, St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh.

Alexander GORDON  ( Adam ) was born 10 Mar 1771, and baptised 13 Mar 1771, St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh.

Charlotte GORDON  ( Adam ) was born 22 Aug 1773, and baptised 23 Aug 1773, St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh.

John GORDON  ( Adam ) was born 19 Jun 1777 in Edinburgh.

John may  have been the John Gordon listed at a collier in Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland for the 1841 census, with James and Margaret. James appears to have become a coal miner, married to Ann with children: John, Robert, Elizabeth, Margaret, William and Mary Ann. William also became a coal miner, married to Elizabeth.

Speculation Two

John GORDON  married Elizabeth MacCLURE.

Children of John Gordon and Elizabeth:

  1. Caroline GORDON, born 1761 - Westminster, London.
  2. George Henry GORDON, born 1762 - Westminster, London.
  3. John William GORDON, born 1763 - Westminster, London.
  4. Charlotte GORDON, born 1765 - Westminster, London.
  5. Lavinia GORDON, born 1768 - Wetsminster, London.
  6. William Hess GORDON,* born 1770 - Westminster, London.

* Obituary, The Gentleman's Magazine - Aug. 1833:
At Munich, aged 30, Allan Drummond Gordon, esq. last surviving son of the late Wm. Hesse Gordon, esq.

Caroline GORDON ( John ) was born 1 Feb 1761, and baptised 1 Mar 1761 at St. Anne Soho, Westminster London.

She is mentioned in the will of her grandmother Priscilla Mac Eune proved 25 August 1780.

She married Henry Broughman HILLCOAT 10 Sep 1785 at St. Anne Soho, Westminster London.

In the 1841 census, she is listed in Bathwick, Somerset.

George Henry GORDON ( John ) was born 18 Jan 1762, and baptised 14 Feb 1762 at St. Anne Soho, Westminster London.

He married Patience STEDMAN 3 Sep 1780 at St. Bride, Fleet Street London.

Children of George Henry Gordon and Patience:

  1. Caroline Matilda GORDON, born 27 May 1783, bapt 14 Jun 1783, St. Anne Soho, Westminster.
  2. William Bickford GORDON, born 25 Dec 1785, bapt 23 Jan 1785, St. Anne Soho, Westminster.

Charlotte GORDON ( John ) was born 15 Feb 1765, and baptised 10 Mar 1765 at St. Anne Soho, Westminster London.

She is mentioned in the will of her grandmother Priscilla Mac Eune proved 25 August 1780.

It is most likely that she is the Charlotte Gordon who married James Robertson, 30 Nov 1798 St. Anne Soho. A Charlotte Robertson, wife of James, is mentioned in the will of Christiana Losack being 'well aquainted'.

See below for Mertens/Cruickshank marriage.

Caroline Matilda GORDON (George Henry - John) was born 27 May 1783, and baptised 14 Jun 1783, St. Anne Soho, Westminster.

She married Woodley LOSACK 14 Mar 1809.


Daniel MacEUNE, of St. Martin in the Fields, married Priscilla MARSHALL(Pricillie), of St. Paul's Covent Garden, 10 Mar 1728/29, at the Chapel Royal, Whitehall Westminster, Middlesex.

Obituary: Jun 1741, Daniel MacEune, merchant and vertuoso - The London Magazine

Known children of Daniel and Priscilla:

  1. Christiana MacCLURE, born c.1731.
  2. Elizabeth MacCLURE.

Historical Notes:

Calender of Treasury Books and Papers, 1729-1745

Petition to the Treasury from Daniel MacEune, concerning goods seized by the Excise office.

On the petition of Daniel MacEune concerning French made silver thread goods seized at Ashford Kent.

Leicester House, Leicester Square

From: British History Online

“... The private bedchamber appears to have been hung with tapestry, described as three 'large fine pieces'; these were probably the three pieces purchased for £350 in November 1742 from Priscilla MacEune of No. 18 Gerrard Street, who elsewhere is referred to as a milliner. ...”

Survey of London - volumes 33 and 34 - St Anne Soho:
Plate 66b: Nos. 18 and 17 Gerrard Street and (right) No. 16 (p. 392) in 1946

Queen Charlotte

"... Along came Mrs Priscilla MacEune, milliner and lacewoman, bringing with her 'a suit of superfine Flanders point...
... At the same time Mrs MacEune supplied a second suit of superfine Flanders point lace, priced at £1,079 'to cover a Toilet Table Compleat' in 'The Queen's Dressing Room'.

Image of the 'Toilet Table Compleat'

NOTE: Priscilla, daughter of Edward Marshall of Tadcaster, Yorkshire.

Christiana MacClure (Daniel) was born c.1731, she died 26 Mar 1818 in Nassau Street, Cavendish Square London aged 87.

She married Richard Hawkshaw LOSACK 17 Mar 1753.

She is mentioned in the will of her mother Priscilla Mac Eune.

Elizabeth MacClure (Daniel) married John GORDON.

She is mentioned in the will of her mother Priscilla Mac Eune.


James LOSACK was buried 30 Nov 1756, St. Kitt's.

He married Mary HAWKSHAW believed to have been born c.26 Oct 1712 in Dublin, Ireland.

11 May 1752:
Patent granting James Losack land and houses in St. Christophers escheated to the Crown by the death of Peter Heude.

Known child of James and Mary:

  1. Richard Hawkshaw LOSACK, born c.1730

Richard Hawkshaw LOSACK (James) was born c.1730. He died 2 Nov 1813, possibly at his residence in Suffolk Street, St. Marylebone Middlesex  [as mentioned in his will - copy held].

He married Christiana MacCLURE 17 Mar 1753.

Children of Richard and Christiana:

  1. Richard Willaim Banjamin LOSACK, born 1754.
  2. James Henry William LOSACK, born 1755.
  3. Henry LOSACK, born 1757.
  4. George LOSACK, born 1758.
  5. Elizabeth Priscilla LOSACK, born 1760.
  6. Richard William LOSACK, born 1764.
  7. Woodley LOSACK, born 1769.

George LOSACK (Richard - James) was born c.1758.

Historical Notes:

LOSACK, George, Esq.,

From: Marshall’s Royal Naval Biography

Admiral of the Blue; at Milan; Aug 22. 1829.
He was the son of Richard Hawkshaw Losack, Esq. of St. Kitt’s, and Lieutenant-Governor of the Leeward Islands, who died Nov 2. 1813, at the advanced age of 83; and his widow in Nassau Street, Cavendish Square, March 26. 1818, in her 87th year.
We find the future Admiral commanding the Termagant sloop, on the Leeward Island station, at the conclusion of the American war. He was promoted to the rank of Post-Captain, Nov 22. 1790: and in 1796 he sailed for the Cape of Good Hope, in the Jupiter of 50 guns, and was present at the capture of the Dutch fleet in Saldanha Bay. Early in 1799, on the demise of Sir Hugh C.Christian, Capt. Losack succeeded to the command of the squadron on that station, and continued to act as Commodore until the arrival of Sir Roger Curtis. The latter for a short time hoisted his flag in the Jupiter; which ship being in a very leaky state, was soon after repaired in Simon’s Bay, instead of being sent to the East Indies, as had previously been the custom. The reparation of so large a ship at the Cape, which had not been before accomplished either by the British or Dutch, was an object of considerable importance to the Navy, and which reflected high credit on all concerned.
The colony being restored to the Batavian Government by the Treaty of Amiens, Sir Roger Curtis, after its evacuation, returned to England in the Diomede, accompanied by the Jupiter, and some other ships of war. On entering the Channel he heard of the renewal of hostilities from an American; and soon after his squadron captured a French ship from the Mauritius, with a valuable cargo.
Captain Losack afterwards commanded the Prince George, of 98 guns, in the Channel fleet. He was advanced to the rank of Rear-Admiral in 1808; Vice-Admiral, 1813...
The Admiral was married on board the Jupiter, when on the Cape station, in 1796, to Miss Story, daughter of George Story, Esq. and had several children. He has left a brother in the Navy, Woodley Losack, esq. who attained the rank of Post-Captain in 1806. James. another brother, died Lieut.-Colonel of the 23d foot, Jan 21 1810

Woodley LOSACK (Richard - James) was born c.1769. His will was proved 13 May 1839.

He married Caroline Matilda GORDON 14 Mar 1809 by licence in Marylebone.

Woodley Losack Esq., bach
Caroline Matilda Gordon, spin of St.Ann Westminster

Woodley was a commissioned officer of the Royal Navy:

Lieutenant - 23 Dec 1793
Commander - 31 Jul 1801
Captain - 22 Jan 1806

Child of Woodley and Caroline Matilda:

  1. Melville Charles LOSACK, born 28 Jan 1811.

Historical Notes:


From:Royal naval biography : or Memoirs of the services of all the flag-officers, superannuated rear-admirals, retired-captains, post-captains, and commanders, whose names appeared on the Admiralty list of sea officers at the commencement of the year 1823, or who have since been promoted; illustrated by a series of historical and explanatory notes. With copious addenda (1827)

Brother of Admiral George Losack. This officer was made a Lieutenant in 1793 ; and held the temporary command of. the Jason frigate in the spring of 1801. On the 1st May, same year, he captured la Dorade, French brig privateer* mounting 14 brass 6-pounders, with a complement of 53 men......


On the 5th June, 1805, Captain Losack, then commanding the Helena sloop of war, on the Irish station, captured, after an action of 15 minutes, the Santa Leocadia, Spanish ship privateer, pierced for 20 guns, mounting 14 nine-pounders, with a complement of 114 men. His post commission bears date, Jan. 22, 1806.
In the autumn of 1810, Captain Losack was appointed to the Galatea of 42 guns, which ship formed part of the squadron under Captain Charles Marsh Schomberg, in an action with three French frigates, off Madagascar, May 20, 1811; The following is a statement of the loss and damages which she sustained on that occasion, viz. Lieutenant Hugh Peregrine, R. M. and 15 men, either killed outright or mortally wounded; Captain Losack, Lieutenant Henry Lewis, R. M. and 17 men severely ; and her first Lieutenant (Mr. Thomas Be vis), 2 Midshipmen (Messrs. Henry Williams and Alexander Henning), 21 men, and 3 boys, slightly wounded. Fore and mizen-top- masts shot away, the bowsprit, foremast, main-yard, and main- top-mast badly wounded ; all the other masts more or less injured, the standing and running rigging cut to pieces ; one boat destroyed by a shot when in the act of receiving a tow rope, and another cut adrift whilst towing astern ; 55 shot- holes in her hull, her stern much shattered, and nearly four feet water in her hold.
On the 31st of Oct. 1812, Captain Losack, then on his return to England, in company with two South Sea whalers which he had taken under his protection at the island of Ascension, fell in with the President and Congress, American frigates, and, strange to say, they allowed him to escape without making any strenuous effort to bring his ship to action. The Galatea was, at that time, 93 men short of complement, so that an action with even the smallest of the enemy's ships would not have been desirable on the part of Captain Losack; but the conduct of Commodore Rodgers is quite inexplicable. One of the whalers was unfortunately intercepted when endeavouring to get to leeward of the Americans ; the other effected her escape.
In consequence of an implied charge of. misconduct, contaned in Captain Schomberg's public letter respecting the action off Madagascar, the subject of this sketch, on his arrival in England, demanded a court-martial, which the Board of Admiralty did not think proper to grant ; and we shall therefore merely state that Captain Losack was continued in the command of the Galatea until the conclu- sion of the war. A copy of Captain Schomberg's official despatch will be found at p. 833, et seq. of Vol. II. Part II; and a long account of the action is given by Mr. James, in his Naval History, edit. 2nd, Vol. VI. pp. 22 38.
Captain Losack married, first, March 16, 1809, a Miss Gordon, who died in 1815 ; and 2dly, Aug. 23, 1823, the widow of Captain Edward L. Crofton, R. N. C. B.
Agent. A. C. Marsh, Esq.

Melville Charles LOSACK (Woodley - Richard - James) was born 28 Jan 1811, and baptised 31 Dec 1812 St.Thomas', Prtsmouth Hampshire. He died Q3 1837 Kensington.

He married Grace Grant SPALDING 18 Dec 1834, Boleskine Inverness [20 Dec 1834, Ardersier Inverness].

Children of Melville Charles and Grace:

  1. Charles Warner LOSACK, born 13 Nov 1835 - Boleskine Inverness.
        Married Jane [Moy Mansion House, with 2 daughters - 1881].
  2. Caroline Matilda LOSACK, born 18 Aug 1837 - Boleskine Inverness.
        Married Major Robert Chadwick in 1859 [Moy Mansion House - 1881].

Grace Grant LOSACK married Augustus LOSACK, 14 Aug 1840 at All Souls, Marylebone. According to the 1851 census, Augustus was born c.1801 aboard The Jupiter. This ship had once been captained by George Losack, brother of Woodley.

In 1841 Augustus and family were in Fort Augustus, Inverness.

Members of the household of Augustus in 1851 (St Saviour, Jersey) include his sister Christiana (born c.1815) and a nephew, Warner SPALDING, as well as a daughter, Matilda (born c.1838 - Caroline Matilda, daughter of Charles Warner Losack) and a son, George (born c.1842).


Herman MEHRTENS married Margaret LONDON 12 Mar 1794, St. Leonards, Shoreditch London.

Children of Herman Mehrtens and Margaret:

  1. Herman William MEHRTENS, born 1794 - Shoreditch, London.
  2. Ann Margaret MERTENS, born 1798 - London.
  3. Catherine Sarah MERTENS, born 1799 - London.
  4. Sarah MERTENS, born 1801 - London.

Merchants (general) 1822 - Mertens, Herman & Sons, 102 Leadenhall Street.
The Gentleman's Magazine, Obituary: Essex, Aug 31 1833 - At Ilford, aged 70, Herman Mertens, esq.

Herman William MEHRTENS ( Herman ) was born 18 Aug 1794, and baptised 7 Sep 1794 at St. Leonard's Shoreditch, London.

He married Sarah DIRS, license date 5 Jun 1818.

Catherine Sarah MERTENS ( Herman ) was born 2 Jul 1799, and baptised 24 Jul 1799 at St. Botolph Without Aldgate, London.

She married William CRUICKSHANK 4 Oct 1826 at St. James', Westminster London.

To children of Catherine Sarah and William:

Sarah MERTENS ( Herman ) was baptised in February 1802 at St. Botolph Without Aldgate, London.

She is described as an Aunt to Herman Dirs MERTENS in the 1881 census. Herman's parents were Herman William and Sarah.


John CRUICKSHANK married Jean DONALDSON 2 Sep 1791 in Turriff, Aberdeenshire.

Children of John Cruickshank and Jean:

  1. James Farquharson CRUICKSHANK, born 1792 - Turriff, Aberdeenshire.
  2. William CRUICKSHANK, born 1794 - Turriff, Aberdeenshire.
  3. Ann CRUICKSHANK, born 1795 - Turriff, Aberdeenshire.
  4. John CRUICKSHANK, born 1797 - Turriff, Aberdeenshire.
  5. Elizabeth CRUICKSHANK, born 1799 - Turriff, Aberdeenshire.
  6. Henrietta Ann CRUICKSHANK, born 1800 - Turriff, Aberdeenshire.
  7. Mary CRUICKSHANK, born 1806 - Turriff, Aberdeenshire.
  8. James John Farquharson CRUICKSHANK, born 1810 - Turriff, Aberdeenshire.

William CRUICKSHANK ( John ) was baptised 12 Feb 1794 in Turriff, Aberdeenshire.

He married Catherine Sarah MERTENS 4 Oct 1826 at St. James', Westminster London.

Children of William Cruickshank and Catherine Sarah:

  1. Catherine Ann CRUICKSHANK, born 1829 - London.
  2. Catherine Sarah Ann CRUICKSHANK, born 1830 - London.
  3. Ann Eliza Charlotte Brooke CRUICKSHANK, born 1838 - London.

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