Windebank Historic Records

Aaron Windebank - Kent, 1584-1605

Calendar of state papers, Domestic series,
of the reign of Elizabeth 1581-1590


1584 Oct. 10. - Dover

John Hill to Sir Fr. Walsyngham. Progress of the works at Dover Haven. Has nominated either William Garrard or Aaron Windebank to be his deputy. A piece of rustic stone work at Eye might be a model for Dover.


1584 Nov. 6. - Dover

Aaron Windebank to Sir Fr. Walsyngham. All things are in good state as Mr. Hill left them. Complains of the mutinous conduct of some of the worst men sent to him by the Mayor of Dover ; particularly two named John Harte and Thomas Woode.

1584 Nov. 13. - Dover

Aaron Windebank to Sir Fr. Walsyngham. Punishment of the late offenders. State of the works. Requests that a honest smith may be sent down, and that the Commissioners may be authorized to compel people to work. Lord Seton is at Calais ready to embark for Scotland.

1584 Nov. 23. - Dover

Aaron Windebank to Sir Fr. Walsyngham. The man he has recommended to them may be very serviceable for the works in the summer. Paul Ive seems to be weary of the works ; there is no great need of him. The best of Her Majesty's ships might now come into the harbour with good safety.

1584 Dec. 4. - Dover

Aaron Windebank to Sir Fr. Walsyngham. Intends to present the workman from Lyme to the Commissioners for approval. A meeting of the Commissioners for the works is necessary, ifi consider of Paul Ive's second groyne, which is fretting away very fast. Mr. Hill is absent from sickness.

1584 Dec. 11. - Dover

Aaron Windebank to Sir Fr. Walsyngham. Meeting of the Commissioners. Good effects of a small temporary groyne he had erected. The workman of Lyme allowed 16d. a day. A new sluice keeper wanted.


1585 May 1. - Dover

Aaron Windebank to Sir Fr. Walsyngham. Has forwarded on their journey Sir Angelo Agolanti and Sir Geronimo Rocca. Complains of pirates ; hardly a ship can cross the seas for the hellhounds of Flushing. A crayer chaced by them made for the harbour and ran foul of the pier.


1585 Aug. 15. - Dover

George Cary to Walsyngham. As the summer is passing away, and he is desirous to return to his own country, he wishes all things at Dover may be left in good order. Hopes the works will make better progress the next summer. Sends up Mr. Wyndebank to give an account of the state of the works, and to receive further instructions.

1585 Aug. 15. - Dover

John Hill to the same. Progress of the works. Receipt of 200l. from Mr. Customer Smythe, for the works. Requests the return of the Commissioners consent for taking away part of the crane head.


1585 Nov. 8. - Dover

Aaron Windebank to Walsyngham. Desires supply of more money to pay the laborers on the works at Dover. Solicits to be employed in the Low Counties.

Calendar of state papers, Domestic series,
of the reign of Elizabeth 1591-1594


1593 June

"The state of the castles and forts in the county of Kent," being an account of ammunition, guns, and other stores required at Dover Castle, by Thos. Fane; Mote's bulwark, by Thos. Fyneux; Arch-cliff, by Hen. Guildford; Sandgate, by John Warde; Sandown, by Aaron Windebank; Deal, by Peter Hamon; and Cumber, by Sir Thos. Wilford. [11 pages.]

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House.

Vol. 17, 1605

1605 Sept. 29. - Dover

Capt. Windebank to the Earl of Salisbury. Here arrived this evening the ordinary post of Andwarpe with express business from Callis, and reports for certain that the Marquis Spinola is come near Sluce, and has taken 2 or 3 forts or sconces and besieged Edenborowe; and that yesterday there was drawn out of every company at Dunkerk a certain number to send to the siege. This is all I can yet understand.
From: British History Online, Cecil Papers: September 1605, 16-30