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 ---- ----
-==== Marriage & Children ====+===== Marriage & Children ​=====
 He married [[Cole Elizabeth 1781|Elizabeth COLE]] 10 Aug 1809, [[wp>​Stoke,​_Plymouth|Stoke Damerel]], Devon.\\ ​ He married [[Cole Elizabeth 1781|Elizabeth COLE]] 10 Aug 1809, [[wp>​Stoke,​_Plymouth|Stoke Damerel]], Devon.\\ ​
 \\  \\ 
-At the time of marriage, William is described as a "​Musician in the 3rd Regiment of Foot"​.\\ ​+At the time of marriage, William is described as a "​Musician in the 3rd Regiment of Foot". This may merely indicate being a drummer, but may also suggest he doubled up as a fifer.\\ 
 \\  \\ 
 {{ :​wiki:​williamuphillelizabethcolemarr1809.jpg|}} {{ :​wiki:​williamuphillelizabethcolemarr1809.jpg|}}
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 ---- ----
-==== Military Service ====+===== Military Service ​=====
 Refrencing the information from [[http://​​military/​organization/​Britain/​Infantry/​Regiments/​c_3rdFoot.html|"​British Regiments and the Men Who Led Them 1793-1815: 3rd Regiment of Foot, By Steve Brown"​]]\\ ​ Refrencing the information from [[http://​​military/​organization/​Britain/​Infantry/​Regiments/​c_3rdFoot.html|"​British Regiments and the Men Who Led Them 1793-1815: 3rd Regiment of Foot, By Steve Brown"​]]\\ ​
 === Stations and Combats – 1st/2nd Battalions === === Stations and Combats – 1st/2nd Battalions ===
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 1st Batt. 1814: St. Palais; ORTHEZ; Aire; TOULOUSE; May – to Lower Canada; August – Quebec; Plattsburg\\ ​ 1st Batt. 1814: St. Palais; ORTHEZ; Aire; TOULOUSE; May – to Lower Canada; August – Quebec; Plattsburg\\ ​
 1st Batt. 1815: Quebec; June – to England; July – Portsmouth; Ostend; Paris; Army of Occupation.\\ ​ 1st Batt. 1815: Quebec; June – to England; July – Portsmouth; Ostend; Paris; Army of Occupation.\\ ​
-1816...\\  +1st Batt. 1816-18: part of the Army of Occupation of France\\ 
-1817...\\ +
 **//​Discharged from service 24 Jun 1817, Croix, France//​**\\ ​ **//​Discharged from service 24 Jun 1817, Croix, France//​**\\ ​
 +----  ​
 +===== Historical Notes: =====
 +==== The Buffs ====
 +Cannon, Richard **"​Historical Record Of The British Army Third Regiment Of Foot Or Buffs"​**\\ ​
 +1839, pp. 234-238\\ ​
 +Digital copy available at [[https://​​details/​in.ernet.dli.2015.278808|]]\\ ​
 +[1813]\\ ​
 +The regiment encamped in the mountains in the Roncesvalles'​ pass for several months. In the early part of November the army prepared for a forward movement; but heavy rains near the coast, and snow in the mountains, delayed the operation until the 10th of November, when the whole, having entered France, advanced to dislodge the enemy from a line of works on the river //​Nivelle//​. The BUFFS, having issued from the mountains, formed part of the right division of the army under Lieut.-General Sir Rowland Hill, which attacked the heights of Ainhoe; and having forded the river, distinguished themselves by a gallant assault on the entrenchments and a redoubts on the enemy'​s left, which were carried after a sharp resistance. The French were driven from their position, and they lost fifty pieces of cannon, with ammunition, stores, and a number of men killed, wounded, and taken prisoners. In this action the BUFFS earned the honour of bearing the word "​NIVELLE"​ on their colours; their loss was three men killed, and Captain Charles Cameron, one serjeant, and seven men wounded.\\ ​
 +After this brilliant exploit the army went into cantonments between the Nivelle and the sea, and the BUFFS were quartered at Cambo, a town situate behind the river Nive. Further operations were retarded for a short time by the snow and rain; but the weather having improved, the army crossed the //Nive// on the 9th of December, and drove the French into an entrenched camp in front of Bayonne. The enemy, however, issued from this post on the three succeeding days, and attacked various parts of the position occupied by the allies; on the last day the BUFFS particularly distinguished themselves, - having, together with the other regiments of the brigade, carried, in superior style, a hill on the French left which covered their manoeuvres, and captured two guns; and this height was successfully maintained against all the efforts of the enemy to retake it. The loss of the regiment was three men killed, with Captains Thorn, Cameron, and Hamilton, Lieutenants Wright, Fielding, Houghton, Gillman, Woods, Home, Twigg, Murphy, and Blake, and Ensign Everdern, four serjeants, and sixty-nine private men wounded; and the excellent conduct of the officers and men was rewarded with the royal permission to bear the word "​Nive"​ on their colours.\\ ​
 +1814\\ ​
 +The regiment was afterwards stationed for some time at Vieux Mogure, between the rivers Nive and Ardour; and the further operations were suspended by severe weather. The army was, however, in motion in the middle of February, 1814, and the BUFFS were engaged in the operations, by which a body of French troops were driven from the vicinity of //St. Palais//; and on the 18th of the same month posts were established on the Gave d'​Oleron,​ Soon afterwards Bayonne was blockaded. In the action on the 14th of February the regiment had one man killed, and Brevet-Major Cameron and one man wounded; and on the 15th of February it had one serjeant and three men killed, and two serjeants and fifteen men wounded.\\ ​
 +Again advancing up the country on the 24th of February the BUFFS passed the Gave d'​Oleron at Villeneuve, when the French retired to //Orthes//, where they were attacked by part of the allied army on the 27th of February; while the second division, of which the BUFFS formed a part, forced the passage of the Gave above the town, and menaced the enemy'​s left; and the French were driven from their post with great loss. The only loss sustained by the regiment on this occasion was two men wounded.\\ ​
 +The regiment also formed part of the force under Lieut.General Sir Rowland Hill, which proceeded on the 2nd of March along the left bank of the Adour to //Aire//, and drove, with great bravery, the French troops from the vicinity of that town; on which occasion it had two men killed, and Lieutenant Woods, one serjeant, and nine men wounded.\\ ​
 +After a series of advances and manoeuvres, in which the BUFFS took part, the French army, under Marshal Soult, was assembled in position at //​Toulouse//,​ where it was attacked and drive from its ground on the 10th of April. The BUFFS, though actively engaged in the operations connected with this victory, had no opportunity of signalizing themselves in conflict; and soon afterwards hostilities were terminated by the abdication of Napoleon Bonaparte, and the restoration of the Bourbon dynasty to the throne of France.\\ ​
 +[ ... ]\\ 
 +The first battalion of the BUFFS was soon afterwards ordered to a new scene of conflict. During the progress of the war in which this battalion had taken so splendid a part, Bonaparte attempted to ruin the commerce of Great Britain by prohibiting the reception of British goods by neutral nations; this gave rise to an order in council, which was issued by the British government to counteract the decrees of Bonaparte; the United States of America were afterwards induced, by French interest, to resist this order in council, and ultimately to declare war against Great Britain; and, after hostilities had ceased on the continent of Europe, the BUFFS, with several other corps, were ordered to proceed to America. The regiment accordingly marched to the coat, and having embarked at Pouillac, near Bourdeaux, on the 31st of May, arrived, after a passage of two months, in the river St. Lawrence, and landed about a hundred miles above Quebec, in Lower Canada; being formed in brigade with the fifth, twenty-seventh,​ and fifty-eighth regiments, commanded by Major-General [[wp>​Manley_Power|Sir Manley Power]].\\ ​
 \\  \\ 
 ---- ----
----- +==== Pages from The London Gazette ​====
-=== Pages from The London Gazette ===+
 [[https://​​London/​issue/​16815/​page/​2365|Numb. 16815]]\\ ​ [[https://​​London/​issue/​16815/​page/​2365|Numb. 16815]]\\ ​
 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1813.\\ ​ THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1813.\\ ​
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