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 +====== Walter James Missingham ======
 +<​sup>//''​([[Missingham Robert Walter Munroe|Robert Walter Munroe]] - [[Missingham David 1804|David]] - [[Missingham John 1755|John]] - [[Missingham Richard|Richard]])''//</​sup>​
 +Walter James MISSINGHAM (aka SOUTER) was born 5 Jun 1900. 
 +He was killed in action 12 Aug 1917.
 +From: [[https://​​encyclopedia/​boysoldiers/​first/​|Boy soldiers on the Roll of Honour for the First World War]]\\ ​
 +Private **Walter James Missingham** (5184, 47th Battalion) was born in Townsville, Queensland, on 5 June 1900. He enlisted under the name of Walter James Soutar (his step-father’s name) in January 1916. Walter was severely wounded in November 1916, but recovered to return to his battalion in Jun 1917. He was killed on 12 August 1917 when an enemy shell fell on Company HQ near Wytschaete, killing Walter and 6 other men. He was buried at Derry House Cemetery No 2, Belgium, aged 17 years 2 months.
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