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  • L’Histoire
    L’Histoire de Guillaume le Maréchal
    Comte de Striguil et de Pembroke
    Régent D’Angleterre de 1216 a 1219

    Poéme Français, Publié pour la Société de l’histoire de France
    par Paul Meyer, 1891
  • Exchequer Vol-1
    The history and antiquities of the Exchequer of the kings of England, in two periods: to wit, from the Norman conquest, to the end of the reign of K. John; and from the end of the reign of K. John, to the end of the reign of K. Edward II – Volume 1
    by Thomas Madox, Richard Fitzneale; Gervasius of Tilbury, supposed author
    Published 1769
  • From the Chronicles

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