Carringham, Messingham and Turner

George Callengham sp Catherine
Elizabeth CARRINGHAM sp Henry TURNER     Johane (Joan) CARRINGHAM sp John MISSINGHAM  
          of Elstead -1689  
Marr: 10 Feb 1647 Marr: 27 Jan 1644
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John TURNER sp Mary Elizabeth TURNER sp William MESSINGHAM William Missingham George Missingham Richard Missingham David Missingham Elizabeth Missingham   sp Thomas Chitty
1648- 1655-1707   -1731 -1705
Will: Marr: 29 Jan 1679\80 Farnham, Surrey
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William Missingham    Elizabeth MESSINGHAM sp John LAMBERT Mary Missingham Jane Missingham John MESSINGHAM sp Mary ROAK
1682 1684- 1690- 1692-
Marr: 18 Jan 1702 Nephew and heir of John Turner
Marr: 17 Aug 1718 Frimley, Surrey
Elizabeth 1704-
John 1706-1709 |
William 1710-1712 1722-1779 (Will) 1724- 1727-
Jane 1713- Gentleman of Canon Row Carpenter of Fulham  
George 1716-
John 1720-
Richard 1724-
Paper in the case in Chancery of Peito v. Jane and John Messingham, concerning title to premises known as Sharpes or Polsted in Compton, once held by John and Mary Child, and left by John Turner to his wife Mary, later Mary Rice
From: Surrey Wills SRY1568
Archdeaconry Court of Surrey
Testator: John Turner of Polsted, Compton, yeoman, indisposed 19 Dec 1757
Lease for 1 year
Date of Will: 30 March 1703 1) …. And John Messingham of St Margaret's Westminster, hosier
2) ….
To my mother Elizabeth Rogers and my sister Elizabeth Messingham and her son House called Sharps, the Crote, Puckeridge, Trowes, etc., in Compton, formerly John Turner's (Messingham's father was John Turner's nephew and heir)
and daughter William Messingham and Jane Messingham and another son John
Messingham five shillings each; to Mary Messingham another daughter of Elizabeth
ten pounds in two years; to Elizabeth Lambert of Godalming, also daughter of 20 Dec 1757
Elizabeth Messingham one shilling; to my wife Mary Turner all my messuages in 1) …. 2) …. 3) John Messingham, hosier, and Jane his wife. 4)….
Polsted for life and then to any children with remainder to my cousin John Sharps, the Crote, Puckering, Trowes, etc. in Compton. …..
Messingham son of Elizabeth paying his sister Jane fifty pounds; residue to my wife,
Executrix Feb 1758
Witnesses: Thomas Tice; Richard Burges; J Childe 1) John Fulham, clerk, plaintiff. 2) John Messingham and Jane his wife, deforciants.
Sharps, the Crote, Puckeridge, Trowes, etc. in Compton.
St John's Old Malden, Surrey - Tombstone Inscription
In Memory of Mr John MESSINGHAM of St Margaret Westminster. Who departed this life the 22nd day of June 1779 age 57
Also near this place lieth John and Mary MESSINGHAM parents to the above who died in the year 1730
Also Mary MESSINGHAM (wife of the above) who died March 5 1803 age 78 yrs